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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is mulching/mastication?
    It's a process where vegetation is ground or chipped, turning them into protective mulch. This helps clear unwanted growth and supports the soil's health.

  • Why remove beetle kill?
    Beetle-killed trees can raise wildfire risks and impact the forest's health. Removing them promotes a safer and thriving ecosystem.

  • How can properties be enhanced for resale?
    Tactics like fire mitigation, clearing invasive species, and adding features like water sources can boost a property's market value.

  • What is fire mitigation?
    Fire mitigation is the act of preparing and safeguarding properties against potential wildfires. This involves removing hazardous materials, creating defensible spaces, and strategically placing vegetation.

  • What does habitat improvement entail?
    Habitat improvement is about enhancing the environment for native flora and fauna. It may include introducing native plants, removing invasive species, and creating features that support local wildlife.

  • Can you handle small projects?
    Absolutely! Every project, big or small, gets our full attention and expertise.

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