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Enhancing Every Acre, Every Time.

Summit Outdoor Services brings unmatched expertise in property enhancement and habitat improvement. From fire mitigation to making properties more vibrant and valuable, we ensure each project is a reflection of our commitment to excellence.

Fire Mitigation

Ignite Safety and Value:

Protect your property from potential wildfires while enhancing its safety and overall value. Through strategic clearing and treatment, we make sure your land remains both beautiful and secure.

Fire Mitigation
Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Nature’s Design, Enhanced:

We're passionate about creating spaces where native wildlife can thrive. From introducing the right plant species to developing water sources and sheltered areas, we design and enhance habitats that invite and nurture diverse animal life. Each project is meticulously planned to provide animals with their natural environment while ensuring the aesthetic beauty of the land remains undisturbed.


Beetle Kill Removal

Guarding the Green:

Beetle infestations can threaten the health of your forests. Our targeted removal services ensure a safer, vibrant woodland, promoting growth and reducing wildfire risks.

Beetle Kill

Forestry & Vegetation Management

Woodlands Refined & Ground Optimized

Our holistic approach to forestry ensures your woodlands are not just maintained, but thriving. From strategic logging to tree planting, we tailor our services for the health of the forest. Additionally, our mulching and mastication techniques turn unwanted vegetation into enriching mulch, promoting soil health and fostering the conditions for desired growth.


Excavation & Grading

Shaping Success:

Prep your land for any project with precision excavation and grading services. Our expertise ensures efficient site development, laying the foundation for whatever dream you wish to build upon.

Skid Steer Services

Retaining Walls

Elevating Landscapes, Ensuring Stability

Elevate your terrain with our tailored Retaining Wall Services. Choose the rustic charm of Natural Boulder Walls for a classic, organic look or opt for the modern precision of Segmental Retaining Walls for a sleek, structured finish. Both options provide robust erosion control, slope stabilization, and aesthetic value, expertly installed to complement your property’s unique landscape and increase its worth.


Land Clearing

Making Way for Progress:

Whether you're preparing for construction, enhancing vistas, or crafting a specific landscape, our land clearing services pave the path for your vision. We ensure a thorough and eco-conscious removal of obstacles, setting a clean slate for the next phase of your property's evolution.

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